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Always Ready

Our Patients Are Our Priority

Specialized Crews

Care Flight crews are highly-trained, specialized teams of medical and aviation professionals. With expanded scopes of practice and additional training, these crews are ready to provide life-saving, evidence-based healthcare on the ground and in the air.

Tried & True

For 35 years, Care Flight has provided air ambulance service throughout the region. Taking the lead in safety, Care Flight continues to be a leader in safety including night vision, terrain avoidance, and drone awareness.

ACE Accredited Dispatch

At Care Flight, care begins with the call. When you request Care Flight, you are speaking to an Air Communication Specialist trained dispatch professional who works side-by-side with paramedics, Advanced EMT's or registered nurses in an Accredited Center of Excellence by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

Safety Above All Else

Care Flight counts on the expertise of its crew. That’s why they use the “three to say go, one to say no” protocol. It’s a best practice among air ambulance providers and empowers any member of the flight team, for any reason to raise a safety concern.

Our Reach

Spanning Two States

Our service area covers approximately 50,000 square miles of California and Nevada. Between our five bases and fleet of four helicopters we can respond to most areas of the region in under one hour and navigate rural, suburban, and complex alpine terrain.

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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Care Flight operates 4 AStar helicopters- built in the United States and certified at the Airbus Helicopter facility in Mississippi. With a range of approximately 300 statute miles and a maximum speed of nearly 150mph Care Flight can respond to most areas of the region in under one hour.

Tuned for our unique environment

Care Flight flies in the high desert and the alpine environment and operates in high altitudes and across extreme temperature spans. That’s why safety is always the top priority for every flight, for every patient. These complex surroundings require precise flying and strict maintenance standards to ensure the helicopters are always ready to perform at their peak.

Maximizing Coverage and Minimizing Response Time

Care Flight operates five bases throughout northern Nevada and northeastern California. From the base at Carson Valley Medical Center in Gardnerville to Truckee to Beckwourth, Care Flight’s service area covers approximately 50,000 square miles of rural and suburban complex alpine terrain.

Safety First

Regular aviation training, daily aircraft checks by skilled mechanics and flight crews, and onsite routine maintenance all ensure safety for our patients and staff. Full time mechanics are on call 24/7 and every Care Flight crew member is dedicated to the safety of each flight.


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